The All Around Project

It has been argued that gymnastics is the fundamental post of all sports.

Gymnastics requires precision, flexibility, power, grace, perception, coordination

and extreme strength. These are also key elements needed in other sports. It is

said that gymnasts could easily pick up another sport and get the hang of it after

little practice. However, this theory has never been tested. This is what I plan to

do in the All Around Project- prove that gymnastics is the basic of all sports.

Leonardo da Vinci once drew the Vitruvian man- rendering a drawing of a human

inscribed within a square, and then with limbs outstretched in an X-like fashion

inscribed within a circle. The brilliant mind of da Vinci was showing how the core

of humans is the strongest point in our bodies. Without core strength, all would

fail. This Vitruvian man encases what it is to be the perfect human in perfect

proportion. It can be thought that gymnasts are the Vitruvian men of sports- core

strength is always noted in gymnasts, and the ability they have to bend and

contort into many shapes makes their body perfectly proportional. This being

said, gymnasts have the best bodies to shape into athletes, or the ability to adjust

their bodies into what they need.

Many do not realize the amount of attention and precision needed for

gymnastics. Timing, attention to detail, and air and body sense are key to being

successful in this sport. It is hard to find other athletes that share these traits.

This is why it is easy for gymnasts to adjust to other sports while not all other

athletes can adjust to gymnastics. Divers might have the flexibility and air sense,

but would they have the strength and grace? Baseball players have the

precision, strength, and coordination, but would they have any body/air

awareness or the flexibility? Any sport, any example that could be thought of,

would lack something that is crucial for a gymnast.

My mission is to prove that gymnastics is the core fundamental for all other

sports. I have now coached 17 different sports and have used gymnastics

techniques to help the athlete become better at their sport. But now, I have

decided to learn these sports. I myself will prove that gymnasts can easily adapt

to any other sport. This is the All Around Project.